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I don’t know a lot of things, but I know I’m in love with you. I always have been, from the moment I met you. I’m not worried about what our relationship will turn into, because we will always end up together, the timing may not be right always, but eventually, it will be perfect. I love you. And I’m sorry.

Escapism: Less what, more why.


Photo: Li Hui Photography Photo: Li Hui Photography

Imagine two teenagers. One finishes her afternoon classes, swaps her black rubber flats for a pair of trainers, then stretches her legs for netball practice. The other finishes his afternoon classes, swaps his grey slacks for a comfortable pair of shorts, then stretches out the sofa so he can raise his legs and play FIFA. One plans on waking up early on Saturday morning for a run before cooking breakfast at home. The other plans on catching the bus to his friend’s house for an It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia marathon, picking up hot chips on the way.

While we haven’t even come close to scratching the surfaces of these two teenagers, we could make some early assumptions about who’s physically healthier. We couldn’t, however, make any substantiated guesses about who’s mentally healthier.

But let’s play devil’s advocate for a second. Activities such as playing sports…

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8 types of modern day romances.


Growing up, thinking about being a 20-something seemed really old. As in, you should seriously have your romantic life figured out and be heading down that aisle and planning when you want to pop out your first kid. However when you grow up and actually hit your twenties, it’s more common to realise –
a) it’s really not that old
b) in a shocking twist you didn’t fall madly in love in high-school and marry your childhood sweetheart and;
c) the thought of having a child before 25 actually makes your ovaries go into hiding.

So we may not be naively waiting for our Prince Charming anytime soon, nor want to be all that settled down. That doesn’t mean you won’t necessarily miss out on all the happy vibes the thrill of a romance usually gives you.

Introducing the 8 types of modern day romances.

1) When your broken iPhone/Android/

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A Tribute to Mean Girls.

philosophical movie


Mean Girls is a movie that needs no introduction. It’s purely iconic, and listed as one of the most quotable movies of all time, and with good reason.

If you can believe it, today Mean Girls officially celebrates it’s 10th anniversary. Yes, it’s been 10 years since we were introduced to Regina George, 10 years since Lindsay Lohan was considered a promising talent and not an absolute trainwreck and 10 years since Glenn Coco became one of the most popular characters, who’s face was never actually shown.

To celebrate we’ve compiled 10 of the greatest quotes to come from the movie, and that can be yelled at any given time in life, no matter the circumstances.

1) “Four for you Glenn Coco, you go Glenn Coco!”



Who can forget that moment when Gretchen finally cracks it at all…

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Before Bed Thoughts

As I was sitting in my bed, laying and thinking about life and all of the mysteriousness that it beholds, I thought about my love that I have, my love for technology. It’s such a beautiful thing really, and it is so much more than what people and older generations are making it out to be. Technology is a progression of times, it isn’t taking away the charcteristics of life but it is perserving it and making life easier. Without technology we would be stuck throwing out our waste over our balconies because that is the only way on how we knew how to dispose of anything. People say that technology takes away from peoples individual thoughts and makes people not communicate and leaves out the face to face factor, but how could that be even close to true? Right NOW I am communicating to a gagillian [how would you spell that anyways?] people over something so beautiful called the internet. It allows peoples thoughts to expand and to learn different parts of the world that would be considered close to impossible if it weren’t for the wonders and accomplishments that technology has brought us. Sure, there are some downsides, like when you are in a group of people and someone is on their phone not absorbing what is going on right in front of them. Some may also say that the social media sites cross boundaries of getting into peoples lives, but I mean come on. Technology is fucking sick. Look at all of the medical equipment, satellites, space technology, nanotechnology, cars, computers, education, politics, international relations, cell phones (or should we call them mobile computers). I could go on forever because the advance of technology not only effects technology in itself but it effects EVERYTHING, and is trying to create a brighter and greater future for this world that is dying within the depths or the messed up morals of humanity. Time for bed, it is 2:09.

San Francisco

So, I go to a community college, and all of my friends came home from college (I don’t have a huge group of friends so when I say all of my friends I mean about 8 people) anyways, I was still in school but the point is, me and two if my dearest friends decided to go to San Francisco. Interesting? Yes! But I’m positive it’s because we had no idea where we were going or what we were doing, so you could say we ended up in some pretty “shitty” parts of San Francisco. We went to union square looking for a hostel to stay in, but that quickly was out of our options due to the locations and plus none were available. By the end of the day we found ourselves at Starbucks lost and with nothing to do. Basically we all wasted a bunch of money and time to go to Starbucks in San Francisco. Soon after getting my coffee I realized that even though we aren’t doing anything we were just being young and spontaneous in the moment, whether anything good came out of that trip or not, it taught me something. I saw a whole different side of the world that I have only read in books before or watched in a movie. But although sometimes our choices are impulsive and non practical, it’s a part of growing up. It’s time for a nap all this thinking has my brain tired out. Goodnight.