A Disrespectful Slant To Apple (My Apple Manifesto)

Okay hi everyone who reads my blog posts. Today I am going to be talking about Apple. Warning: this isn’t any sort of appreciation post or anything along those lines so if you are a true and hard core loving Apple fan you should probably just leave. I hate apple but their marketing is brilliant for anyone who deosnt know anything about computers. What an ingenious idea to show off your product and upsell it for something that it is not even close to being. When it comes down to it, the new Macbook is simply a tiny teeny bit upgraded version of the latest version of the Macbook air. So in an argument you are technically supposed to present a counter argument, so I suppose I will state some of the pros of the newest macbook that will be coming out. The design is absolutely beautiful, as are most apple products. Also I LOVVEEEEEEEEEEEE how small the logic board is like that is fricken ingenious wow. The other things that is super dank cool is the battery life on this new device. But the flaws over power the pros let me tell you. For starters well..it is a Mac. So that in itself should be enough to make you not want to purchase this shiny new laptop. The other, which should be a breaking point for anyone with half of a brain is the fact that it has a USB-C port and nothing that is available for the standard USB. Now USB-C is an excellent and very practical device, but the fact that apple is throwing it in peoples faces is something that is completely foreign to everyone else in the world. THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER IS NOOOOO ONE USES USB-C. USB-C is great for multiple reasons, faster connection, smaller and easier to fit in to the wretched port that many people have issues plugging in, and eventually I do believe that everything will be switched to USB-C, BUTTTTTTTTT apple, being the way that they are, went ahead and pulled a great marketing move that will add a nice little cushion to their revenue. NO ONE HAS USB-C AND BARELY ANYTHING SUPPORTS IT RIGHT NOW, so everyone is going to be forced into buying Apple’s 80 dollar extension for USB-C. Now I would be able to respect their add on of the USB-C if they didn’t completely take away all other regular USB ports, but with Apple being as vein as they are, they had to keep their computer looking as thin and sleek as possible, creating for an impracticality for their users, which they often tend to do. The other thing is that you can not upgrade the graphics card or ram or anything like that on the computer and that makes me feel soooooo UGHHHH like are you kidding me. One of my other favorite little ways that Apple advertise it as that it is completely wireless, like no shit its wireless most computers are. And that “you can connect to the internet anywhere” *in small print, by using your cellular data as a hotspot which everyone can already do with every computer in existence*. I just want to make people aware that you are paying extra for a thinner macbook air and that Apple is jipping their customers for the look of something as opposed to the quality. But hey, I guess that is what apple is all about anyways right?

I sure hope that my opinion will change and I can have a little bit of more respect for the up and coming Macbook, but from what I have gathered, it is another one of apples elaborate sugarcoated inventions, where it is pretty, but just doesn’t get the job efficiently done, unless you pay for multiple add ons and extentions and virtual machines so you can run windows 8 :-).

That is all and have a good day, sorry if I offended anyone but really not that sorry.