When I read and heard about the news of what happened in Paris, utter disgust filled over my body. Its sad that in schools we are taught that so much progression has come from time and in history, but when looking at the broader scheme of things and the bigger picture, you can see that there really has been no change or progression in anything. Racism, discrimination, economic downfall, drug use, all of these things being at their peak. With the advancement of technology and the world around us, masks the ethical and moral dilemmas that are happening in the day to day world. The shooting that occurred in Paris filled me with so much rage and anger and I have not been able to shake that event from my mind. Free SPEECH! something that this world has been fighting for for decades upon decades of time, and it is supported greatly among many places including Paris. The fact that these artists were ridiculed and put down due to their creative expression is both jaw dropping and completely unreal. It is encouraging to see that there is such a giant group of people, gathering together with such anger and fury in a protest and honoring the expressionists of the satirical cartoonist press. I can only hope that this will be something that can be stopped in the future, because self expression is one of the only things that can create such a beautiful and universal divinity of truth and understanding. Expression is the only way that can connect all humans, and these brave expressionists of Paris were punished for something that should never be punished by the human race. The people who assassinated and killed those people are a disgrace and mortifying that they too are apart of this human race. This is a fight that can be fought, we just can’t let events like this be forgotten and forever and always shall we remember the events #jesuischarlie