A Disrespectful Slant To Apple (My Apple Manifesto)

Okay hi everyone who reads my blog posts. Today I am going to be talking about Apple. Warning: this isn’t any sort of appreciation post or anything along those lines so if you are a true and hard core loving Apple fan you should probably just leave. I hate apple but their marketing is brilliant for anyone who deosnt know anything about computers. What an ingenious idea to show off your product and upsell it for something that it is not even close to being. When it comes down to it, the new Macbook is simply a tiny teeny bit upgraded version of the latest version of the Macbook air. So in an argument you are technically supposed to present a counter argument, so I suppose I will state some of the pros of the newest macbook that will be coming out. The design is absolutely beautiful, as are most apple products. Also I LOVVEEEEEEEEEEEE how small the logic board is like that is fricken ingenious wow. The other things that is super dank cool is the battery life on this new device. But the flaws over power the pros let me tell you. For starters well..it is a Mac. So that in itself should be enough to make you not want to purchase this shiny new laptop. The other, which should be a breaking point for anyone with half of a brain is the fact that it has a USB-C port and nothing that is available for the standard USB. Now USB-C is an excellent and very practical device, but the fact that apple is throwing it in peoples faces is something that is completely foreign to everyone else in the world. THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER IS NOOOOO ONE USES USB-C. USB-C is great for multiple reasons, faster connection, smaller and easier to fit in to the wretched port that many people have issues plugging in, and eventually I do believe that everything will be switched to USB-C, BUTTTTTTTTT apple, being the way that they are, went ahead and pulled a great marketing move that will add a nice little cushion to their revenue. NO ONE HAS USB-C AND BARELY ANYTHING SUPPORTS IT RIGHT NOW, so everyone is going to be forced into buying Apple’s 80 dollar extension for USB-C. Now I would be able to respect their add on of the USB-C if they didn’t completely take away all other regular USB ports, but with Apple being as vein as they are, they had to keep their computer looking as thin and sleek as possible, creating for an impracticality for their users, which they often tend to do. The other thing is that you can not upgrade the graphics card or ram or anything like that on the computer and that makes me feel soooooo UGHHHH like are you kidding me. One of my other favorite little ways that Apple advertise it as that it is completely wireless, like no shit its wireless most computers are. And that “you can connect to the internet anywhere” *in small print, by using your cellular data as a hotspot which everyone can already do with every computer in existence*. I just want to make people aware that you are paying extra for a thinner macbook air and that Apple is jipping their customers for the look of something as opposed to the quality. But hey, I guess that is what apple is all about anyways right?

I sure hope that my opinion will change and I can have a little bit of more respect for the up and coming Macbook, but from what I have gathered, it is another one of apples elaborate sugarcoated inventions, where it is pretty, but just doesn’t get the job efficiently done, unless you pay for multiple add ons and extentions and virtual machines so you can run windows 8 :-).

That is all and have a good day, sorry if I offended anyone but really not that sorry.


When I read and heard about the news of what happened in Paris, utter disgust filled over my body. Its sad that in schools we are taught that so much progression has come from time and in history, but when looking at the broader scheme of things and the bigger picture, you can see that there really has been no change or progression in anything. Racism, discrimination, economic downfall, drug use, all of these things being at their peak. With the advancement of technology and the world around us, masks the ethical and moral dilemmas that are happening in the day to day world. The shooting that occurred in Paris filled me with so much rage and anger and I have not been able to shake that event from my mind. Free SPEECH! something that this world has been fighting for for decades upon decades of time, and it is supported greatly among many places including Paris. The fact that these artists were ridiculed and put down due to their creative expression is both jaw dropping and completely unreal. It is encouraging to see that there is such a giant group of people, gathering together with such anger and fury in a protest and honoring the expressionists of the satirical cartoonist press. I can only hope that this will be something that can be stopped in the future, because self expression is one of the only things that can create such a beautiful and universal divinity of truth and understanding. Expression is the only way that can connect all humans, and these brave expressionists of Paris were punished for something that should never be punished by the human race. The people who assassinated and killed those people are a disgrace and mortifying that they too are apart of this human race. This is a fight that can be fought, we just can’t let events like this be forgotten and forever and always shall we remember the events #jesuischarlie

I am

Not sad, I am not depressed, I just simply like to sleep. There is something about sleeping that is so captivating and fascinating, and it relaxes me. It is not that I prefer being asleep as to being alive and in the present moment but there is something that sleep does that causes me to reach a complete relaxation. I am not sure if this is necessarily a healthy thing or not, I can only assume it not being something healthy, but I don’t care, because people say to find what you love and to do it when you can. And that is how I feel about sleep. I like to sleep. Thank you and that is all. Goodnight

F*ck This! I Quit…Kind Of: On Poetry, Contests, and Opportunity Cost by Les Kay

The Sundress Blog

Last December, I received an urgent text from my father: CALL ME. My father, like most fathers, normally reserves the use of brief text messages in ALL CAPS for important news or emergencies. Since he’s retired now, well into his 70s, and his wife has been diagnosed with terminal bladder cancer—a cancer that should have been caught much earlier and should have been curable with simple resection—I assumed the worse, something health-related and horrific.

When I phoned, my father told me about an advertisement he’d seen for a poetry contest, a Christian poetry contest with a small fee and cash prizes. Instead of counting my inevitable winnings, I imagine my brow furrowed as if I’d just heard the compensation package for an adjunct teaching position. I thought immediately of Poetry.com and similar scams, suspecting that if I were to enter such a contest, the only plausible response would be solicitation…

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Frightful Films

The Honest Courtesan

Where there is no imagination there is no horror.  –  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Scary Movies” is the name of my one year ago today column, but it’s about the interaction between porn and escorting; I did do a short piece on vampire sex workers as part of October Miscellanea, but since I really love horror movies, I think we’re long overdue for a discussion of them.  Before we start I should mention that slasher flicks aren’t horror; yes, I know that video stores stock them with horror and movie companies often stamp “horror” on the boxes, but that’s about as valid an argument as “the sex offender registry is not a criminal penalty because it is housed in an administrative agency, not in a court office or in an agency charged with carrying out punishment.”  Slashers are actually more closely related to porn than horror…

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Why don’t mosquitoes spread Ebola?

Mosquito Research and Management

13717624625_cd5f3df570_zAuthorities are quick to remind the community that Ebola virus is spread by blood and bodily fluids so it is hardly surprising that many are asking, “can mosquitoes spread Ebola”?

The 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa is the largest in history. As of mid-October, there have been approximately 9,000 cases and 4,500 deaths. The World Health Organisation warned that the infection rate could reach 5000 to 10000 new cases a week by the end of the year.

The virus is primarily transmitted from sick to healthy people by blood or body fluids (including but not limited to urine, saliva, sweat, feces, vomit, breast milk, and semen). In addition, objects contaminated with the virus (including needles and syringes) and direct contact with infected animals also play a role. Given this knowledge, it is not an unreasonable question to ask if blood feeding mosquitoes could spread the virus from infected…

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