Love Is ruff

I’m sorry


Love is an incredibly rough and tender subject. It creates emotions and feelings that no one has ever really been able to grasp at before. You know humans are such interesting creatures because they love to love but love loves to hurt. It fascinates me how people and how human nature is designed that after this sort of love that was lost, the human gets up and tries again, giving it
another shot at love. I don’t know I just went through a really bad break up with a guy who I thought was head over heals in love with me and then he cheated on me with a Co worker of his. He tried getting me back but I could accept his apologies or trust, but me being the human that I am got up to try on this giant path and trek and journey of the idea called love. the different kinds of love are so sweet and endearing that it hurts my heart to see relationships end in such a negative tone and tune, but that’s life and all that can be done is to get up and learn to live again without love, and then while you are just living love will make its way back into your life.

#love, #life, move on



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