Escapism: Less what, more why.


Photo: Li Hui Photography Photo: Li Hui Photography

Imagine two teenagers. One finishes her afternoon classes, swaps her black rubber flats for a pair of trainers, then stretches her legs for netball practice. The other finishes his afternoon classes, swaps his grey slacks for a comfortable pair of shorts, then stretches out the sofa so he can raise his legs and play FIFA. One plans on waking up early on Saturday morning for a run before cooking breakfast at home. The other plans on catching the bus to his friend’s house for an It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia marathon, picking up hot chips on the way.

While we haven’t even come close to scratching the surfaces of these two teenagers, we could make some early assumptions about who’s physically healthier. We couldn’t, however, make any substantiated guesses about who’s mentally healthier.

But let’s play devil’s advocate for a second. Activities such as playing sports…

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