Before Bed Thoughts

As I was sitting in my bed, laying and thinking about life and all of the mysteriousness that it beholds, I thought about my love that I have, my love for technology. It’s such a beautiful thing really, and it is so much more than what people and older generations are making it out to be. Technology is a progression of times, it isn’t taking away the charcteristics of life but it is perserving it and making life easier. Without technology we would be stuck throwing out our waste over our balconies because that is the only way on how we knew how to dispose of anything. People say that technology takes away from peoples individual thoughts and makes people not communicate and leaves out the face to face factor, but how could that be even close to true? Right NOW I am communicating to a gagillian [how would you spell that anyways?] people over something so beautiful called the internet. It allows peoples thoughts to expand and to learn different parts of the world that would be considered close to impossible if it weren’t for the wonders and accomplishments that technology has brought us. Sure, there are some downsides, like when you are in a group of people and someone is on their phone not absorbing what is going on right in front of them. Some may also say that the social media sites cross boundaries of getting into peoples lives, but I mean come on. Technology is fucking sick. Look at all of the medical equipment, satellites, space technology, nanotechnology, cars, computers, education, politics, international relations, cell phones (or should we call them mobile computers). I could go on forever because the advance of technology not only effects technology in itself but it effects EVERYTHING, and is trying to create a brighter and greater future for this world that is dying within the depths or the messed up morals of humanity. Time for bed, it is 2:09.


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