8 types of modern day romances.


Growing up, thinking about being a 20-something seemed really old. As in, you should seriously have your romantic life figured out and be heading down that aisle and planning when you want to pop out your first kid. However when you grow up and actually hit your twenties, it’s more common to realise –
a) it’s really not that old
b) in a shocking twist you didn’t fall madly in love in high-school and marry your childhood sweetheart and;
c) the thought of having a child before 25 actually makes your ovaries go into hiding.

So we may not be naively waiting for our Prince Charming anytime soon, nor want to be all that settled down. That doesn’t mean you won’t necessarily miss out on all the happy vibes the thrill of a romance usually gives you.

Introducing the 8 types of modern day romances.

1) When your broken iPhone/Android/

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